Mr D Coffey BEd. (Hons)

Board of Governors:
Chairperson Mrs H Glasgow-Phair
(2010 - 2013) Vice Chairman Mr M Crawford
Secretary Mr D Coffey (Non Voting)

Trustee or Transferor Representatives
Rev D Thompson
Mrs S Brown
Rev R West

Education Authority Representatives

Mrs T Armstrong 
Mrs H Glasgow-Phair

Parent Representatives
Mr M Crawford
Mrs R Thompson

Teacher Representative
Mrs T Kingston

The role of the Board of Governors
The Education Reform (NI) Order 1989 defined the role and responsibilities of the Board of Governors as:
• The overall management of the School.
• To ensure that the NI Curriculum is being delivered in school.
• To describe the working of the school to parents in the Annual Report.
• The selection of Staff and other Personnel representatives.
• Salary Policy
• To determine Admissions Policy.
• School Maintenance
• To ensure implementation of new legislation
• To foster links with the local community and pursue the objectives of Mutual Understanding.