Your child needs to have the following items at the beginning of term
No school bag is needed for P1- P7 children.

P1 box of tissues
named school folder (available from school for carrying books)

P2/P3/P4 writing pencils
colouring pencils
pritt stick
box of tissues

P5/6 & P7 writing pencils
colouring pencils
pritt stick
roller pen (blue) not biro
box of tissues

P6/7 Calculators for use in school
Dictionary for homework.

All pencils, pens, pritt stick, etc should be named and replaced during the year. Folders are for the children’s work.

STATIONERY - pencils, rulers, rubbers, pritt stick etc, will be sold in the offi ce during the year as required.
MONEY - All money received should be in a sealed envelope. Money envelopes are available from the school office - £3.00.
DINNERS - Money is collected on Monday mornings, cost £2.20 per day, £11.00 per week.
Please send the correct amount on Monday morning. Change will not be given. it will be added to the next week’s money. Cheques are acceptable, made payable to WELB. If your child takes packed lunch, please include sandwiches and fruit.
MILK - Notes will be issued at the end of every half term, as to the amount required. Please let offi ce know if your child is not taking milk at beginning of the next term, as all milk ordered must be paid for. Cash or cheques made payable to WELB.


Foundation Years Language & mathematical activities

P3/4/5 As above
Spelling & Tables nightly

P6 /P7 Reading, Spellings & Tables nightly
Written homeworks Mon - Thurs

Spellings and tables are tested each Friday

Parents please note that you should listen to your child reading every night.
Encourage discussion with your child about the story he/she is reading, to develop greater comprehension skills.
P5/6/7 children will read for interest and enjoyment but they should learn to use a dictionary and you should question their understanding of the passages they read.


Remember to sign your child’s written homework every night. Your signature means you have accepted that the work is of a suitable standard to be brought to school.

Florencecourt P.T.A was set up a number of years ago, by teachers and parents of the primary school children. It was initially set up to fundraise to buy a computer for the children to use.
The P.T.A has gone from strength to strength in fund-raising events to purchase items for the school. We welcome all parents and we are proud to say that the success of the P.T.A is due to the support we get from the staff and the parents of the pupils at Florencecourt Primary.
The meetings are held a few times a year in the school.
We always endeavour to inform the parents a few days before the meeting by sending reminder notes home with the children. We would like to invite all the parents to come along and support the P.T.A. It is your children who benefit from the equipment purchased from the money raised. In the past year we have purchased books, 3 interactive white boards, sports
day badges, trophies for P7 leavers & assisted with funding for the willow sculpture and a fun day for all the children.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Jhan Crane           Chairperson
Gillian Brady         Secretary
Susan Elliott         Treasurer

The subscription for the 2011-2012 is £10.00 for the first or only child at school, and an additional £5.00 for a family or 2 or more e.g. 1 child - £10.00, 2 or more children £10.00 + £5.00 = £15.00 total.

Name ________________________________________________________

Please return above amount at beginning of Spring Term 2012
(To be completed by PTA Treasurer on receipt of payment)
Name ________________________
Date Received _________________
Amount ______________________
Received by ___________________ (Treasurer).

Reward Fund
The Board of Governors introduced the Amenity Fund for all classes as from September 2005. The Governors reassessed the funding structure in February 2010 and were most keen to thank all parents that contribute to this fund. It’s purpose is to support the positive approach to behaviour and work within the school. All children receive reward stickers for their work and behaviour on a regular in class. It was renamed the reward fund. The governors would reassess the fund in the near future.
The small amount of £2.00 per month or £20.00 per year – this will be capped at £50 per family. It will help to cover the cost of stickers, sticker charts and small rewards to encourage positive behaviour within the school. There are frequent expenses to be paid for during the year e.g., material for making play-do, paints, paper, crafts items, tissues, seeds, compost, soap, plastic bags, batteries, kitchen roll etc. It is also used for special trips when possible. This fund will be collected on the fi rst Monday of every month, please keep it separate from dinner money. Each family will be notified how this money is spent at the beginning of each school year.

The Board of Governors has established a Sports Fund to help pay for sports trips, fees and
personal insurance for each child in school. This fund is collected on 1st September to assist with the following:
• Insuring all children and accompanying adults on any school trips for accidents.
• Affiliation to Sport Associations e.g Netball, Football.
• Cover the cost of hiring outside coaches e.g Rugby, Football, Gymnastics.
• Membership of the National Trust to reduce the cost of our use at Florencecourt House and
other properties.
• To cover some costs of transport to sporting competitions and other venues.
The charge per family is:- £5 for one child
£2 for each additional child
(up to a maximum of £10)

Please return the form with completed information and money on the 1st day of summer term.

Sports Fund
Name ____________________________ Amount _____________________

Permission Slips
During the year there will be various trips organised for each year group. Please complete the
reply slip below which will cover all trips and return to the school.

Permission Slip
I give/do not give permission for my child/children ____________________________________
Class ______________
to go on any trips organised by the school during the year.
Signed ____________________________________
Please cut out and return on Thursday 1st September 2011.


TO: NAME OF PRINCIPAL          Mrs W Houston
NAME OF CHILD/CHILDREN:      ________________
SCHOOL ADDRESS                   Drumlaghy
                                                   BT92 1BZ.

During the year we would like to take photographs/ make a video of children for promotional purposes. These images may appear in the local press, our printed or electronic publications, on video, on our website or in all these media forms. The school is cognisant of the concerns around to use photographic images of children and the potential for abuse to occur. In an attempt to approach these concerns in a considered and balanced way and to comply with Data Protection Legislation and our Child Protection Policy we need parental permission before we take any image of children. If photographs or recordings of school groups are organised the school will ensure that all parents of children concerned give their consent for these images to be taken and used as detailed below.
Please answer the question below, sign and date the form and return it to the address above.

Conditions of use
• We will not include details or full names (first name and surname) of any child in an image without good reason. For example, we may include full name of a competition prizewinner
if we have their consent.
• We will not include personal e-mail or postal addresses, telephone or fax numbers.
• We will only use images of children who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such
images being used inappropriately.
• We may use group or class images with very general labels such as ‘storytelling’.
I have read the conditions of use and consent to my child’s image being used.

Signature __________________________________ Date ___________________


The Staff and Governors of Florencecourt Primary School are aware of the increasing usage of home PC’s and the potential for access to internet resources outside school.
We would therefore offer the following general guidance so that the home use of the internet can be educationally beneficial and make a useful contribution to home and school work.
You should discuss with your child the rules for using the internet and decide together when, how long and what comprises appropriate use.
You should get to know the sites your child visits and talk to them about what they are learning. You should ensure that you give your agreement before your child gives out any personal identifying information on the internet, such as a picture, an address, phone number, school name, or financial information such as credit and bank details, in any electronic communication.
In this way you can protect your child from unwanted or unacceptable overtures from strangers, from unplanned expenditure or fraud.
You should encourage your child not to respond to any unwelcome, unpleasant or abusive
messages and to tell you if they receive any such messages or images. If the message comes
from an internet service connection provided by the school or by NINE Connect, they should
immediately inform the school.

Parent or Guardian
As parent or guardian of _________________________ I have read the Internet Use Agreement.
I realise that he/she will be able to access worldwide telecommunications networks throughout the world using the internet. I understand that this access is designed and intended for educational purposes only and that he/she will receive instruction in the appropriate use of this resource. I realise that the internet contains material that is inappropriate for school purposes and support Florencecourt Primary School in that children are responsible for not accessing such materials. I acknowledge that the unacceptable use of the internet may result in the suspension or withdrawal of privileges and will not hold Florencecourt Primary School accountable for unsuitable materials acquired by him/her through internet use at school.

I hereby give permission for my child to have access to the internet under the terms set out in
the above agreement.

Parent’s Name:______________________________________