School Uniform

It is important that each child comes to school neat and tidy. We are proud of our school uniform which reflects the individuality of our school and offers to all children a common form of dress. School uniform must be worn each day unless special clothing is required eg., for field trips.

Royal Blue Sweatshirt or jumper with School Crest
Blue polo shirt
Grey trousers
Summer term Plain grey shorts or trousers
Blue polo shirt

Royal Blue sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan with School Crest
Blue polo shirt
Grey pinafore, skirt or trousers
Summer term Blue poloshirt with school skirt
or Blue checked dress

Blue sweatshirts, polo shirts, grey shorts, PE shorts and outdoor school coats are available for purchase at Select Kidz, Shore Road, Enniskillen. Summer hats are also available in school. School Uniform must be worn at all times. All items of clothing must be clearly named. Hair must be tied back neatly. For safety reasons, the only jewellery permissible is stud earrings. Velcro openings on shoes are advisable for P1 - P3. Wellingtons for P1 – P4 should be clearly named.

Physical Education
P1 Slip on black slippers required
P2 / P3 All P2 – P7 must bring a change of clothes consisting of a blue school polo shirt,
royal blue shorts, black slippers or trainers are required.
They may be left in the cloakroom in a named bag.
P4 / P5 Weekly. Named P.E. kit required.
P6 / P7 Weekly. Named P.E. kit required. (No football kits).
If children wish to bring deodorant, please bring roll-on, not deodorant sprays.
The children will need black slippers for indoor use only (P1 - P7) Slippers must be replaced during the year if necessary.

P2 - P7 must wear school uniform on P.E. days and change at P.E. time.

The school reserves the right to determine what is acceptable, appropriate and safe.