Good attendance is essential to ensure pupils reach their full educational potential. The Education Authority for NI and schools across the province are very aware that falling attendance affects how much a child learns. See the leaflet below for information about attendance is linked to school results:

Miss School Miss Out Leaflet.pdf

All children should attend school for the 190 days, which the law requires, unless they are ill.

If children have to miss school for illness or any other reason then parents should send a written note to school explaining their absence – the reason for absence is recorded. Registers are marked in the morning and afternoon. If a child has an appointment ie. doctor, please notify the class teacher beforehand. Try to arrange dental appointments for outside school hours. Please send a written note for requests for time out of class or changes in travel arrangements.

Our school target for attendance in 2018/2019 is 95.5%

Our attendance policy is available from the link below:

 Attendance Policy Dec 2018 version.pdf