School Opening and transport

School will open to receive pupils at 8.45am. No responsibility can be taken for children who arrive before this time. School begins at 9.00am and ends at 3.00pm. Children are expected to be in school for the first bell at 8.55am and line up in the playground to be collected by the class teacher. The registers are marked at 9.00am and those children not in class are recorded as late.
All pupils are supervised by teachers from 8.45am, during morning break, lunchtime and after school until 3.15pm. In the interests of safety NO pupil is allowed to leave class at any time without permission from the school.

The school is serviced by a number of buses on various routes. Parents are requested to ensure an adult meets children disembarking from buses on the home ward journey and that children are accompanied by an adult to the bus every morning to ensure children’s safety.
In the interests of safety children not travelling by bus must be collected at 3pm at the side gate. Parents collecting children should park cars in the adjacent car park. If you have any queries about these arrangements please telephone school on: 028 6634 8225 – and speak to our secretary, Mrs Crawford, who will deal with the issues raised.