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Shining from the inside out

So the World might see....

The Pupils, Staff and Governors at Florencecourt Primary School and Little Bridges Community Nursery seek to be a learning community who encourage one another to be all that they can be. To be individually and collectively a positive people who together radiate a caring, supportive and effective model of education in the communities which the school and nursery serve.

 Florencecourt Primary School and Little Bridges Community Nursery aim to:

  • Provide a challenging, active and fulfilling learning experience for all children to experience success in learning and to achieve the highest possible standards in academic, sporting, social, cultural, moral and spiritual terms.
  • To equip and educate all children in both skills and knowledge to be confident in their abilities, to develop mastery over their own learning and to have the self confidence to become independent learners who can express their learning in both school, home and the wider community.
  • Empower children to understand  how being part of our school family, contributes to a strong sense of their own belonging and identity and an understanding of how all children can contribute to our local, national and global community.
  • Through the delivery of the Pre-school and Primary curriculum to equip all children with the moral, spiritual and social tools they require as they progress through further education, into adulthood and become life long learners.
  • To build a firm foundation on which children can grow as individuals, experience success and make responsible choices for themselves. To produce children who make contributions to the society and community they are part of and will become part by their actions, character and contributions in an every changing world.