The school has a no-smoking policy. Visitors are asked not to smoke in the school building.
Through the school’s drug education programme there will be opportunities for the children to acquire knowledge, information, understanding and skills to enable them to consider the effects of drugs on themselves and others and make informed and responsible decisions within the context of a healthy lifestyle.

RATIONALE: The inappropriate use of mobile phones can disrupt lessons, interfere with teaching and learning or be used as a form of bullying. The potential for misuse of phones with recording devices and cameras is a major cause for concern.

The following policy has been introduced to help ensure the smooth running of the school.
• Pupils are strongly advised not to bring mobile phones into school.
• The school will not take any responsibility for mobile phones lost or stolen.
• If a pupil is found using a phone it will be confiscated.
• For the first offence, the phone will be returned at the end of the day.
• For subsequent offences, a parent/guardian will be required to collect the phone from the school.
• Failure to hand over a phone will be treated as a disciplinary issue.

The use of mobile phones on school trips is forbidden unless the teacher gives permission for their use for reasons of safety and/or communication. Pupils should assume that mobile phones should not be used unless told otherwise.
If contact with home is needed during school hours a pupil can use the school phone (with permission) and parents can telephone the school office if they need to contact their son or daughter. However, this should be kept to a minimum so as to cause as little interruption as possible.

The school has developed a very successful programme in conjunction with St Mary’s Primary School and we have recently forged links with St Mary’s Primary Killesher, St Nialle’s Kinawley and St Patrick’s Derrygonnelly. We run three separate programmes, these corresponding to the composite classes in each school. Much of the work done via the programmes necessitates visits to various places of interest mostly in County Fermanagh, but also to other parts of Northern Ireland. The programme is developed by the teachers in the schools with the help of the staff from Fermanagh Trust. Meticulous planning goes into the programme to ensure visits during the year. We encourage the children to meet and work together on building good relationships.

The school has an insurance policy to cover all children and adults in school, on any Educational visits and Sporting Events. Parents should return the consent form at the beginning of the school year. The Sports Fund is used for the insurance policy premium.

The school does not operate a tuck shop and therefore children are requested not to bring spending money to school. Children should not bring money to spend on educational visits unless permission is given by the class teacher. Parents will be notified of the amount.

The school supports three or four charities each year. Numerous charities make application to the school each year. The school endeavours to rotate fundraising efforts for charities. Subscriptions made to these are voluntary. The monthly newsletter gives notice of monies raised.

Parents are welcome in school because we believe we are partners with parents in the child’s education. All parents of prospective P1 pupils will be invited to meet with their child’s teacher in the school in June. Please use this occasion to bring any medical condition affecting your child to the attention of the class teacher. Please complete the admission form.
Once your child commences school there are many opportunities for staff and parents to meet. Some of these occasions will be on a formal basis and you will be notified in due course of the dates.

• Key Stage 2 (P7 Leavers) Transfer Meeting
• Annual Parent Teacher Meeting
• Parents Information Evening. (As necessary).

Other meetings can be arranged by mutual request. Please contact our school secretary to arrange an appointment if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher or the principal. In addition parents are invited to meet teachers for a full discussion of their child’s progress during the school year. Parents are encouraged to contact the school and make an appointment should they require information or have any concerns about their child. In addition parents are given useful information via a monthly newsletter (issued to each family at the beginning of each month).

Please contact the school to arrange an appointment to view documents.

Changes occur from time to time in the staffing and organisation of the school and parents will be informed of these by newsletter.

In line with the requirements of the Northern Ireland Education Reform Order 1989, it is the policy of the Board of Governors to:
• Maintain the right to free school education for all pupils
• Establish that activities organized wholly or mainly during school time should be available
• Require parents to pay charges for board and lodging for their children, on residential trips, taking account of any relevant remission arrangement
• Confirm its right to invite voluntary contributions for the benefit of the school or in support of activities organised by the school
• Make charges in respect of optional extras, as determined by the Board of Governors. A copy of the full charging and remissions policy is available at the school for inspection by parents.