Accommodation and resources

We are very proud of our new school. After many years hard work, and support from W.E.L.B we were granted capital funding of £0.9 million to build a new school in January 1999. The school was completed in June 2001. The staff and pupils transferred to the new building in May 2001 to allow us time to ‘settle in’ before the beginning of the 2001/2002 year.
We have five classrooms resourced with Interactive White Boards, televisions, stereos with listening centres, a network computer system and curriculum and play equipment. The classrooms are linked to a central resource area where a library system and networked computers are available. ICT equipment provided with our computer system includes Internet, digital camera, camcorder, slates, scanners and microscope.
PE equipment was supplied by W.E.L.B. to provide resources for athletics, hockey, rugby, football, netball, tennis, dance and gymnastics. The hall is equipped with audio, musical and lighting equipment for school and community productions.

We are delighted with our new sensory garden and adventure park for all the children to enjoy. This enables our children to have access to a range of outdoor play equipment to increase their balance, co-ordination, social and interactive skills. Outside there are playground and grass areas for general play, a new community sand-based pitch to cater for all the different sports on offer and special areas are planned to provide practical experiences for the children to help them appreciate and respect their local environment.
PE and Music equipment, supplied by WELB provides for athletics, hockey, rugby, football, netball, tennis, dance and gymnastics and a wide range of musical activities as well as afterschool activities. Support is also received from the WELB Curriculum Support Service. Football, hockey, rugby, athletics and netball coaching has been provided for pupils in P4 to P7 during the year.
In addition to our permanent staff the school receives support from the WELB classical music tutor (viola and violin tuition for some pupils) and staff from the WELB peripatetic music service.
Piano tuition is offered and provided by a private tutor once a week. Youth In Tune provide brass tuition once a week. The school also uses the facilities offered by Fermanagh Lakeland Forum (ie. for swimming). The National Trust property and grounds of Florencecourt House are used by most classes during each year.